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Oral Hygiene Practices You Should Never Skip (But Probably Do)

August 23, 2021

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woman cleaning her tongue with tongue scraper

Everyone knows that brushing and flossing are crucial when it comes to maintaining good oral health. However, other practices are just as essential – even though they’re often overlooked. Skipping important steps in your at-home dental care routine can put your mouth at risk, leading to problems that could become severe complications down the line. Read on to learn which oral hygiene practices you should never skip.


How Can I Get Rid of a Toothache at Night?

August 5, 2021

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woman with toothache while in bed

Just as you’re drifting off into dreamland, you suddenly experience a sharp pain in your tooth. As much as you try to ignore it, the toothache begins to nag you and prevents you from falling asleep. Since you can’t see your emergency dentist in the middle of the night, you’re stuck handling the situation on your own until the morning. Luckily, there are several ways you can manage the pain just enough to get you through the night. Read on as we share a few tips to help you get some sleep.


4 Tips for Keeping Your Toothbrush Clean

July 29, 2021

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Toothbrush in cup

When it comes to your living environment, some people are more tidy than others. However, something everyone certainly wants to keep clean is their toothbrushes. After all, you are sticking it in your mouth, and you don’t want to end up getting sick. By taking steps to keep your dental tools clean, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. Continue reading for some tips on how to keep your toothbrush tidy over time.


Should You See Your Emergency Dentist for Facial Swelling?

July 22, 2021

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Man with facial swelling

When you are dealing with a serious dental issue, that is when you reach out to your emergency dentist for help, but how do you know if the issue you’re dealing with is a dental emergency? Can it wait a few days? Some issues may be able to linger for a short period of time, but facial swelling is not one of them. It could point to a much more serious issue that needs immediate attention. Continue reading to learn about the causes of facial swelling and what you can do.


How Do You Know If You Need a Dental Filling?

June 15, 2021

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teeth with cavities and dental tools

Proper dental care is critical to protect your oral health from serious problems. Tooth decay is one issue that can arise from poor oral hygiene. If left untreated, it can cause severe damage to your teeth. Luckily, dental fillings are one solution to preserve a healthy smile by restoring cavities, repairing cracks, and filling small holes caused by decay. Read on to learn which signs alert you of teeth that may require dental fillings and how to choose the best type for your pearly whites.


Why Do Dentists Measure Blood Pressure During a Checkup?

May 4, 2021

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dentist measuring blood pressure during checkup

It may surprise you to see your dental hygienist pull out the blood cuff during a routine dental checkup. After all, what does that have to do with your teeth?

Although it may seem odd, blood pressure can have many effects on your oral health. Checking your vitals is quickly becoming a new, crucial addition to your regular cleanings and checkups. Read on to learn a few reasons why this is an essential step in your dental visit.


3 Diet Trends That Can Harm Your Smile

April 7, 2021

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Are you trying to reach your goals regarding your health? One way that many people try to achieve this is through fad diets. When they are used properly, they can be useful, but other times they can be harmful for your oral health. If you are trying to drop a few pounds or if you are looking to be healthier, a fad diet may not be the best idea. Continue reading to learn about which diets you should be especially careful of for the sake of your oral health.


Are Teeth Cleanings Painful?

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Man smiling at the dentist

When was the last time that you went to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned? For most people, it is a good idea to go to the dentist about every six months for a regular cleaning and checkup. It is an important step when it comes to maintaining optimal oral health. If it has been a few years since your last visit, you may be wondering: do teeth cleanings hurt? Continue reading to learn more about what you can expect when you go in for a professional cleaning.


5 Amazing Benefits of Fluoridated Tap Water

March 22, 2021

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Closeup of woman drinking fluoride in tap water

Where would you expect to find fluoride? This important mineral is well-known for helping prevent cavities and strengthening teeth, which is why it’s often found in toothpaste and mouthwash. Your dentist may even recommend a fluoride treatment or varnish for an added layer of protection! However, did you know that you could also find it in your everyday drinking water? For over 75 years, most tap water sources in the US have been fortified with fluoride with spectacular results. Here are five amazing benefits of having fluoridated tap water!


Why Your Teeth Might Hurt When You’re Exercising

March 14, 2021

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tooth pain from exercising

Have you ever noticed your teeth hurting when running or performing other forms of high-intensity exercise? If so, you may be wondering what’s causing the tooth pain. Instead of discontinuing your exercise regimen, it’s better to get to the root of the problem. Continue reading to learn why you may be experiencing this and find out what can be done for relief.

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