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Our Commitment to Safety

Emergency Dentistry - Forest, VA

In Pain? Call Us Now!

At Crossroads Family Dentistry, we see tons of patients due to dental emergencies. These emergencies can happen for any number of reasons, but do you know what they all have in common? Absolutely none of them are ever planned! While no one can anticipate a knocked out tooth or broken crown ruining their day, the people of Forest, VA can rest assured that they have an emergency dentist at the ready should they ever need one.

Our dentists and dentistry team have years of experience handling everything from the simplest to the most severe dental emergency. No matter the situation, the goal remains the same: to see a patient as quickly as possible and get them out of pain. When you need dental care fast, just give us a call, and we’ll work with our schedule and yours to make sure you can get the attention you need right when you need it. Basically, when it comes to your smile, you can always rely on Crossroads Family Dentistry!

Call Us in Case of the Following Emergencies:

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Even if you’re unsure whether or not your situation is an emergency, just give us a call anyway, and we’ll be happy to let you know what you should do next. However, if someone is bleeding for more than 10 minutes, or if you suspect that there is a broken bone, you should always head straight to your nearest emergency room first!

How to Handle a Dental Emergency

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Dental Emergency FAQ’s

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Dental emergencies (hopefully) don’t happen very often, so many people feel unsure about how to handle them or what to expect. Below, you’ll find answers to several FAQ’s and get helpful tips for emergency situations. And remember, we have not one but four outstanding dentists on our team and we’re always just a phone call away. No matter when an emergency strikes, be sure to give us a call!

I’m Afraid of the Dentist and Haven’t Had a Visit In a Long Time. Will It Hurt?

Everyone on our team, including our dentists, assistants, and hygienists are friendly and compassionate and will do everything they can to make sure you’re comfortable - from the moment you arrive till the moment you leave. And even if it’s been years since you’ve seen a dentist, we’ll never judge you.

Also, rest assured that we’ll always make sure you’re completely numb before doing any kind of dental work. We also offer sedation for fearful or anxious patients, so don’t hesitate to ask us about your options. Finally, remember that in a dental emergency, coming to see us will get you out of pain fast, while also protecting your dental health over the long-term.

Will Insurance Cover My Emergency Visit?

Emergency care can range from a simple dental filling to something more involved like a dental crown. It may even include an extraction that’s followed by a replacement option like an implant or a bridge down the road. In many cases, insurance covers a portion of these services, including your exam, X-rays, etc.

We’re also a very “insurance-friendly” dentist in Forest who accepts many different insurance plans, as well as Medicaid, and we’re happy to file your claims for you. If you’re one of the many people who don’t have insurance, we also offer financing to break up your payments into monthly installments.

My Toothache Went Away. Do I Still Need To Come In?

Yes! In many cases, when a painful toothache goes away, there’s still an infection present that needs to be treated to prevent it from spreading (which can be very dangerous). If you have a toothache that suddenly disappears, call us to schedule a visit right away.

Can I Wait To Get Emergency Treatment?

In most cases, no. Dental problems only get worse with time, which increases the risk that you’ll experience more pain and damage to your teeth. For example, even if you only have a chipped tooth that isn’t painful, it will still be weaker and more likely to break again. This could result in needing a dental crown, root canal, or even an extraction instead of a simple dental filling. The sooner you can be seen, the less dental work you’re likely to need and the easier and simpler your treatment will be.

When Should I Go To the Hospital?

As a team of emergency dentists with many years of experience, we’re able to treat nearly any emergency you would encounter. However, there are situations that require medical attention first. If you have any of the following, go to the closest urgent care center or ER. After you’ve been stabilized, you can schedule any necessary dental work with us:

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